Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wisconsin Weather

One thing I can say about Wisconsin Weather is IT'S NEVER BORING! We're at that time of year when I'm not sure whether to get out the cold weather gear, or wait a bit. It's warm, then it's cool. Then it got positively hot and humid when the weather came our way from Hurricane Ike. In the morning, driving to work I sometimes turn the heater on. In the afternoon, coming home from work I roll the windows down. So far, I'm still sleeping with my summer blanket, but I know where to find the warmer bedding.
Fall is definitely in the air. A few trees have begun turning, and the trees that are green don't have any life in them anymore. You can see them gearing up for cold weather. The flowers that are alive are all cool weather specimens. The mums are lovely, the snapdragons are putting on their final show of color, and the zinnias are in their glory!

We're thinking of moving across town, closer to work. The apartment we're considering is much smaller than where we're at, but how much space do we really need? I would be able to walk to work (7 minutes, I timed it!) and we'd be close to Sundance Cinema and the Hilldale Mall. The main thing that keeps me from jumping on the opportunity is that we'd have to pack up our stuff and physically move it!!! I HATE the physical act of moving, but I adore being in a new space. Time will tell.

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