Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Colds, Flu and Other Crud

This Winter I'm determined not to succumb to the prevailing Afflictions that go around. It's been difficult, and I've had some near misses. My secret to preventing these various ailments is available at your local WalMart! I tried something called ColdMD. It claims to increase your immune system resistance and speed recovery if you become ill. So far (knock on wood) it's worked for me. In addition, I bought Esberitox, a supercharged echinacea that you chew. Dr. Schulze (www.herbdoc.com) has some great remedies. What they lack in taste, they make up for in results. None of these are cheap, but compared to a visit to the doctor, an Rx, and a few days off work, they are not that expensive.

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