Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Nose Knows....

The first winter we were in Wisconsin, I caught a cold that settled in my Left Nostril. It wouldn't heal, despite many trips to the Doctor, and several regimes of Antibiotics. Eventually I learned to live with blowing my nose every 15 minutes and often joked about buying stock in the Tissue company.

Last winter, I caught a cold that affected my Right Nostril the same way. The downside of this was that I lost my sense of smell, and when both nostrils clog up at the same time I get claustrophobic. Now I REALLY go through the tissues!

I've tried every "natural" treatment available. They work to a point, then I'm back at the same old place where I can't breath and have to blow my nose continually. The Ear/Nose/Throat doctor wants to do surgery, but I'm leaving that as the very last possible scenario. Meanwhile, I'm tired of taking so many things, and quit all treatments.
Animations - faces 030Today, my nose worked for about 6 hours!!! I've been afraid that my sense of smell may be gone permanently. It was really hard to miss the smells of Spring, and now I've missed the smells of Fall. I work in a kitchen, and have become resigned to not smelling the many odors available all around me. Of course, not smelling means not tasting either. I eat, but it's not enjoyable, as nothing stands out from anything else. I've been eating much spicier food, because the heat is at least a sensation.

Then today, I noticed that I could smell the cilantro I was chopping. It was heavenly. Then I could smell a chicken dish cooking in the oven. I could identify the herbs used in the recipe and the bacon that was coiled around the individual servings. My mouth began watering. Walking by the bins where we throw the used towels (dozens and dozens every day) I could smell the sour, wet smell of them. So, not all the smells were pleasant, but it was so novel to smell ANYTHING!
By the end of my shift, I was back to not smelling. I have no idea what was different. Why it worked. If I did, I'd repeat the process. But now I have hope. If I could smell for 6 hours, then my nose and sense of smell aren't dead. I'll find the way to heal this, once and for all!

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