Sunday, October 5, 2008

We're Moving

We've been kicking around the idea of moving closer to my work. Right now it's a 20 minute commute for me, and I have to drive across UW campus, which can be terrifying at certain times of the day!

I'd about decided that it would be easier to just stay where we are. It's an OK place, and we wouldn't have to be bothered with packing things up and physically moving the furniture (what can I say, I'm lazy!!)

Then, I drove a co-worker home one day and she invited me in to see her apartment. Her kitchen is twice the size of mine, the bathroom is bigger, and the rent includes HEAT and HOT WATER! So, just for fun, I dropped by the office to see if anything was available. They had ONE (1) unit that will become available exactly the time our lease expires. Seemed destined, so we took it. Loren was impressed with the apartment when he saw it, plus it's only 1 block away from Sundance Cinema, his favorite place to hang out.

So, now we have one (1) month to sort through our stuff and discard, throw away and/or give away a LOT of stuff. The new place is smaller than where we're at, which is fine. It's plenty big enough if we get rid of half our stuff.

In honor of the move, I promptly bought a new sofa and matching chair off Craigslist. The new apartment has hardwood floors throughout! The furniture we brought with us from Appleton was uncomfortable and mismatched. We haven't owned matching, comfortable furniture since we left California. I decided it was time, and when I saw this sofa and chair, I had to have it. The pix doesn't do it justice. The fabric is a rich brown with burgundy and hunter tones in the pattern. It's overstuffed and extremly comfy. Loren loves it too. The chair is just his size, which means it's too big for me! Since we bought it around my birthday, I figure it's my birthday present. Yeah! Bring on more birthdays like this one!

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