Thursday, October 9, 2008

The sky is falling!!!!!

Animations - 100dollar-02The old fortunetellers curse, "My you live in interesting times," seems to have hit an all time high. Or low, depending on how you view the current predicament.

It's VERY difficult for me to get my mind around what's happening. Maybe I'm shallow, maybe I'm naive, but I can't get worked up about this. Could be that if I allow myself to get worked up I'll get scared (the sky is falling...the sky is falling) and I HATE feeling helpless. Because I can't think of anything I, personally, can do to "fix" this--I'd rather not know about it in detail. I like my information to be general, a head's up sort of warning.

My husband is trying to understand, to learn. He spends lots of time studying and watching the Internet, following the story. I figure when something really lifestyle threatening comes along, he'll let me know.

Meanwhile, I find it VERY interesting that this is happening now, during the election brouhaha.
Coincidence? Synchronicity? Fate? or just Bad Luck?
Whatever it is, I find that MY way of dealing with this is to find some humor, even if it isn't all that funny. If I keep searching, I may just find the laugh at the end of the tunnel.

If you want to watch something interesting on the 90's Savings & Loan fiasco, watch this. John McCain has a past!

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