Friday, October 10, 2008


We saw the movie RELIGULOUS this week. I can't say I enjoyed it. To enjoy it would mean it was a pleasant experience. It wasn't, not exactly. I laughed, but in addition to being amused, I was appalled, distraught, embarrassed, and dismayed.

I am not a religious person. It took me many years of painful work to extract my beliefs from those of the prevailing religion I was raised in. The past 10 years has been a struggle to separate my own beliefs from what passes as Christianity. So, if I'm not religious and not Christian, what am I? I suppose you could call me a Spiritualist, though I have my own definition of what that is. But this isn't about me.

Back to the movie.When we left the movie, my husband commented that Bill Maher managed to offend everyone. He wondered if anyone put a contract out on him. My comment was I didn't want to know I share the planet with such crazy people! It's going to be difficult to get my head back into the sand.

If you see the movie, you have to keep remembering that this is sacrilegious comedy. It is meant to poke fun, ridicule, show in a bad light, and question the many strange beliefs and practices that people follow. If you want to find out more about the various things that can be believed, or even find where your beliefs fit in with the belief of others, click

Meanwhile, see the movie if you're ready to be offended or you want to laugh out loud. At times, it may achieve both. Click on for more on the various religions and themes from the movie.

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