Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bird Migration

I've noticed that the birds are on the move. We see and hear geese daily. I see flocks of something I can't identify gathering for the migration. The red winged blackbirds have been gone for weeks. Yesterday I realized that the egrets are gone. I've seen small flocks of cranes heading South. Guess it is truly Fall. YEAH!

Twice this week I've been driving home as the sun sets. The sky is full of color, and I saw a flock of geese flying over the freeway, getting ready to land. There were 20+ in the flock. Just as I pulled my eyes back to the road, I saw another flock out of the corner of my eye, heading in the same direction. Turning my head to see how big this flock was, I see smudges of color against the sky, and realize it's many flocks of geese, heading in this direction.
My driving became automatic as I kept turning my head to see the sight. The ribbons of geese were undulating across the sky as the lead bird fell back and the flock rearranged itself around a new leader. Some of the flocks were small (6-10 geese) and some were large (20-40 geese). They were all headed for the same pond and field. I wondered just how so many geese knew that dinner and bed were waiting in this very field. Is there a geese equivalent of Motel 6, and somehow they know "we'll leave the light on for you"?

I vacillate between envy and concern when I contemplate geese. I'm envious of their ability to pick up and go without packing, or making reservations, or worrying where they'll eat. They know where and how to travel. I worry when I realize that they ARE traveling without preparation. Will they find food and shelter? And then I remember that geese have been migrating for millions of years without my help. Nature will provide. They will be fine. I get to just enjoy the spectacle!

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