Friday, September 28, 2007

Paint Me Happy!

Last week my job reuqired a trip North. I left at 3am in a blinding rainstorm and arrived at my destination at 5:30am. Since I'd driven the whole way in the dark, I was thrilled to see color in the trees when the sun came up. On the way home, I nearly ran off the road multiple times as I oohed and aahed over the scenery. Considering that the lady at the Fall Foliage Hot Line said that color was 2-5 weeks away, I wasn't expecting much.

The colors were just coming on most of the trees. I love it when the tree is several colors, as if a giant paintbrush had splashed a little red and orange on the trees. After I'd pulled over the third time, I realized that the camera just can't do justice to the scene. I was driving slow, but as there was no traffic, it was ok. As the sun began to set, I was rewarded with a rainbow. It began on one side, then the other. I kept watching and eventually it was a complete arc. It was soooooo big there was no way I could get it in a single picture. So, you get to see one edge of it. The sunset was glorious! When the drive is beautiful, I really love the driving part of my job. And the day that started so badly, finished really well.

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