Friday, September 14, 2007

What I REALLY want!

Several years ago, I was part of a marvelous Women's Group that was dedicated to answering the question: "What would you do if money were no object and you were guaranteed success?"

I've been giving that question a LOT of thought because I'm at a crossroad and feel I have a little time to consider possibility.
So, what is my answer to the question this week?

There are several elements to my answer, and I haven't figured out a way to put them all together in a single package, but I feel it could be done.

I WANT TO WRITE! There, I've said it, owned it, broadcast it to the Universe. I want to write novels, and How-to's, Blogs, and travelogs. I'll write songs, sonnets....hell, I'll even write lists.

I WANT TO TRAVEL! My idea of travel involves a small motorhome (Chinook style) that I aim in a particular direction, but let it (and me) roam wherever the road takes us. The travel is done at a leisurely pace that involves long stayovers whenever I find something interesting, which will be often! I want to see my friends and family with regularity.

I WANT TO COOK! After being a professional cook for many years, I became bored with cooking, but lately I find myself wanting to get back to the kitchen. I'd love to learn new methods, experiment with a variety of ingredients, try new recipees. I enjoy feeding people. It makes me happy.

I WANT TO BLOG! I've found that I can spend HOURS reading and writing on blogs. There is so much talent out there, and so little time to get to most of it. But I love this connection to others.

I WANT TO TAKE PHOTOS! Since we bought the digital camera, I've become aware of what I can do with it. It is my connection (via my blog) to the world. I want to record and share my travels, my cooking experiments, my life.

I WANT TO LEARN TO PAINT! There is an artist hiding somewhere deep inside me. It's time I let her out and gave her paint!

I WANT TO GARDEN! While I love planting and tending a garden, I've realized that this need can be met by visiting gardens. I want to appreciate the lovely spaces created and maintained by others.

Can you see the thread here? Can you see a way for me to string these beads together in a sustainable pattern? It's coming. I truly believe, it's coming!

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