Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Dilemma

My darling husband left the house at 6am to get our copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".
Once it was in my hands, and not just an image out there on the computer, it suddenly came to me that
Not the book, but the experience. This is the final book, the last chance I have for it to be new, and unknown. I'll read it now, I'll read it again, and again. But it will never be fresh and virgin as it is now, in my hands, ready to be opened.

So, I open the book, and the extra large dust jacket has an inscription. "We now present the Seventh and FINAL installment in the Epic Tale of Harry Potter." I nearly wept.

The dilemma is, do I read it fast or slow? I want to draw it out, savor it, wring it dry. But I'm a fast reader. I could probably finish it today if I read all day. But then it would be over. I know, I know...I'm torturing myself, and loving it. In the end, I will read fast. It's the only way I know. Plus, my husband is waiting, impatiently, for me to finish so he can read it.
This morning, I'd barely read 4 pages, when he quips, "Are you done yet?" Funny man.

See you all on the flip side, when this is a distant memory and I know what happens, how it turns out, and have digested it.

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