Friday, July 6, 2007

Spiritual Wellbeing

I find myself at a crossroad. My Spiritual toolbox has suddenly turned up new and exciting things to study, consider, and/or participate in. Most of these have come my way easily and have cost me little or nothing. I could spend lots of time perfecting and fine tuning my Spiritual Life, and reap the benefit of a well rounded, relaxed soul. Spare Time is not something I have in great abundance, though it is something I definitely want more of.

However, my Physical Wellbeing is in a precarious position. For several months the income has slowly been whittled away until I now find I have trouble making ends meet. I haven't lived paycheck to paycheck since I was in my 20's, and it is not a scenario I want to be repeating. As the income has gone down, my expenses seem to be going up. Maybe it is because I want more, but the more I want isn't fancy cars, new clothes, or gourmet food. I just want money to provide my wellbeing. Is it too much to want healthy food? massage and bodywork to sooth my aches? recreation to relax and revitalize me?

There is something I'm missing here, but I'm not sure what or where or why.

Is there an equation I'm unaware of that would balance my wants and needs and income? Am I supposed to want less? Settle for less? Become simple?

Guess it's time to create some quite time so I can really listen to my soul. She knows the answers. I just need to provide the space to hear them.

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