Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Recently I was initiated into Reiki. I got all the levels, including Master, by a distance initiation, for free!

Having heard about Reiki for years, I was curious-- what it could do, what I could do with it? I purchased the e-book on line, printed it out and had it bound at Kinko's. I read it in one sitting.

It's going to take a little effort to remember the words, the symbols...but I'm not a great believer in the rules and regulation of ideas. What was information in the beginning has turned into dogma. I like to think I can take what is meaningful to me, weave it into my own beliefs and practices and create something that is uniquely mine.

The man who is distributing Reiki for free is doing so to get Reiki out into the world to be used by all, as it was intented. Because people often don't value what they receive for free, Reiki has become a commidity that is bought and sold for various sums, some as high as $10K.

I value the gift, all the more for being freely given. I'm studying and using my Reiki and think I'm making a difference to me, and through me, to the world.

After nearly a month of using the Reiki daily, I had the experience of Hot Hands! The Reiki energy was concentrated so that I was aware of it coursing through my palms. I broke out in a body sweat, and felt so totally peaceful and pleased with Life.
This is the gift that goes on giving and I bless and thank Master Lee every day for initiating me into the Mystery that is Reiki.

If you're interested in getting Reiki in this manner, log onto: www.reikisecrets.com

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