Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm going to sit right down and CRY!

This is today! I'm looking up the street from my front door!

All summer you'd hear people parroting the prediction, "I hear it's going to be worse this winter than it was last winter!" and I'd want to shake them. It's a basic fact of life that you often GET WHAT YOU ASK FOR! These fools are asking, maybe Begging, for winter to be worse than last year.

I'm not sure I could handle worse. I barely handled last winter. Here's a brief recap for anyone interested: We arrived in Madison on November 1, and had a few light flurries at the end of the month. On December 1 it began snowing and dropped a record 100+ inches of snow on us over the next few months. There was too much snow!

Today I looked out the window and nearly cried.
It is snowing. Big flakes of blowing snow!

And it is sticking!!! Already winter is worse than last year, and we're not even in December yet! I'm going to sit right down and Cry!!!

So far, we've had a couple of mild flurries, but the ground hasn't been warm enough for the snow to stick and accumulate. Fine by me. I check the weather every day to see how the temperature is fluctuating. Unfortunately it seems to be on a rapid downhill trend. The highs this week are in the low to mid 30's, and overnight is in the low 20's. Just last week we had a couple of days of 50 degree weather. I want THAT back, please.
The Camry is a California car. When I moved her yesterday she was sluggish and hard to handle. I could "hear" her grumbling about the weather. I'm right there with you, sweetheart!

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