Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TV Withdrawl and other Dilemas

When the nice Mexican couple came by to buy our bed, they asked if we were selling our TV (32" Phillips regular TV). "No, we're taking it with us," we told them. Well, it didn't get into the first truckload, as it was just me and the Big Guy loading, and I'm not strong enough to carry my side of the TV up the stairs and into the truck. We decided we'd just load it when the guys were there the next day. Well, if you've been reading my saga, you know that the couch fiasco ended with the truck being full to the gills. I don't think we even noticed that the TV hadn't made it onto the truck.

So, on the final day, AFTER the truck has been returned, we realize that the TV is still in the basement. We struggled it up the stairs (I had to stop twice to rest---YES, I'm a wimp!) and out the door to the car. Loren had pulled the car onto the lawn, right up to the door. The TV wouldn't fit into the car!!! So, we dragged it back into the house and it sat just inside the front door for most of the day.

Eventually we had to decided what to do with it. It took all of 5 seconds to decide to call the nice Mexican couple to see if they were serious about buying the TV. They were! So, they came at 8:30 and somehow, Loren and they guy manhandled the TV into the front seat of their car (it's a bigger car than we have). As it was, it had to be rotated and rearranged 3 times so that he could manipulate the gearshift (manual transmission, wouldn't you know!). I have no idea how they got it out after they got home.

So, here we were without a TV. No worry. We've been eyeing the flat screen TVs and thought we'd buy us one with the Rent Deposit we'll be getting back from the old apartment. We thought it might be closer to Christmas when we get it, all the sales, etc. We THOUGHT we'd be OK with that. At first it WAS OK. We were busy unpacking and organizing. Loren started his new job and has been trying to get this schedule shifted from a PM shift to an early morning shift.

But now, less than a week without the TV, we're starting to suffer. We get home at night, eat dinner, then look at each other and say, "Now what?" I miss having something to entertain my mind, something to relax me, something to look forward to!
So, we started looking. We figure we'll have the TV all picked out so that we're ready to buy when the $$$ arrives.

OMG! I've spent HOURS on the computer trying to understand this technology. HDTV, BluRay, Upconverting, Contrast Ratios, resolution, goes on and on. I keep typing the words into the search engine and then reading at least 3 of the articles so I have an overview of the concept.

Looks like we're getting another Phillips TV, but a 42" one this time. LCD, flat screen, 3 1/2 inches wide! Technology has really come a long way.The Oppo upconverting DVD system should make all our old DVD's play in High Definition, so the new TV experience is not going to be anything like the old experience. Guess our TV time out will really make us appreciate the privilege, when it finally comes along.
Soon. Please, soon!!!!

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