Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Preparation

Thanksgiving used to be my Favorite Holiday. Then I became an adult and had to do the work, and it quickly slipped to number 3 or 4 on my list of faves.

At work (Whole Foods/Prepared Foods Division) we're busy fixing dinner for all those folks that want to ENJOY the day, and not have to slave over the hot stove. From the smells coming from our kitchen, I think they'll have a Great Dinner. We're roasting turkeys as fast as the ovens can bake them. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy are being manhandled into containers and everything is being assembled into large boxes that can be carried easily.

The big surprise to me is how many people have ordered the Vegan Dinner! Guess this really is a college town, and lots of these youngsters have strong convictions about what they put in their bodies. (Guess Beer is a Food Group!!) This year we're making a record number of dinners that have a Hazelnut Field Roast as the main course.

Loren and I are both working Thanksgiving Day (5am-2pm). So when we thought about what we want to eat on Thanksgiving, we realized that cooking that whole feast is just not a possibility. Sure, we could order it ready-made, but I was brought up better than that! (LOL)

We're going to cook the feast on the next day off we have. Meanwhile, we decided that we're having an Exotic Picnic for our Holiday Fare. We'll start with Champagne, served with a few wonderful appetizers. The main course is Steamed Crab Legs with drawn butter, served with artichoke ravioli in a sherry cream sauce and steamed green beans with shallots, shiitaki mushrooms and garlic. After more Champagne, we'll have Creme Brulee and coffee. When I tell people what we're having for Thanksgiving Dinner, they pause, then exclaim, "That's Brilliant!"

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