Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Complaints

After that first snow, I realized that I can't spend the winter lamenting about the weather. This IS Wisconsin. We're expected to have a rough winter. So, I'm going to try to just REPORT the weather and winter conditions, not COMPLAIN about them.
(Lily Tomlin, in one of her brilliant performances says that the main reason humans developed language skills was because of a deep seated need to Complain!!)

That first snow melted within 24 hours. We had a small snow yesterday that stuck to the ground. I saw some enterprising youngster had used all the snow in their yard to build a snowman! It will probably melt today and tomorrow, as it's clear and beautiful outside.

Our house is toasty warm (heat is INCLUDED in the rent). Mostly we keep the heat turned off because we have south facing windows and accumulate lots of warmth from the sun. The floors (hardwood) seem to be warm from the heat coming up from the basement. One of the things I LOVE about cool weather, is I get to lounge around in my fleece clothing!!!!

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